Koala takes a cheeky swipe at self assembly furniture competitors

20 May 2021

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“We wanted to shine a light on a serious environmental topic but do it in our trademark tone of voice."

Aussie furniture faves, Koala, has launched a cheeky campaign that draws the line between their sustainably-made, durable products and the fast furniture industry. 

It’s not the first time the Aussie start-up has poked fun at competitors. While the campaign is meant to be light-hearted, the underlying message is anything but. 

Discarded furniture left for council clean-ups often finds its way to landfill and has irreversible effects on the environment.

The message from Koala to Aussies is simple; buy furniture that’s worth keeping.

And it’s a message Koala can back up.

Koala’s range of sofas and armchairs are FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and their dining chair range use fibres that contain 33% REPREVE yarn, which means they’re made from recycled polyester, including recycled plastic bottles.

What’s more, Koala’s entire furniture range is designed with tool-free assembly and disassembly, so they can easily pack up and move when you do. 

Koala’s VP Marketing Australia, Leanne Glamuzina: “We wanted to shine a light on a serious environmental topic but do it in our trademark tone of voice.

"As well as being proudly B-Corp certified and a member of 1% for the Planet, we wanted Aussies to understand that Koala designs quality furniture that promotes sustainable practices.”

Created in-house and turned around from conception to delivery in just two weeks, the campaign airs on TV from today and includes a suite of Social and OOH placements.

In-house Koala
Chief Marketing & Technology Officer: Peter Sloterdyk
VP Marketing: Leanne Glamuzina
VP of Global Creative and Strategy: Bradley Firth
Director: Drew Dunbar
Creative Director: Marina Vasilieva
Creative Director: Taylor Thornton
Director of Project Management: Kathy Ngo
Senior Project Manager: Emma Power
Social Content Director: Kirsten Armour
Senior Copywriter: Matt Koo
Senior Art Director: Elana Robson
Media Director: Sally Phelps
Media Manager: Michaella Naicker
Performance Marketing Manager: Valerie Duong
Performance Marketing Manager: Lulu Wang

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