Koala presents ‘When Life Unfolds’ via Clockwork Films

13 May 2022

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When life throws you a few surprises, it’s always best to have a clever and comfortable sofa bed on hand.

Koala has released a campaign that shows how its trusty range of sofa beds can get Aussies out of just about any jam they find themselves in.

‘When Life Unfolds’ includes a suite of TVCs, radio, out-of-home, digital and social, and reminds Aussies that when life throws you a few surprises, it’s always best to have a clever and comfortable sofa bed on hand.

Koala’s vice president of global brand strategy & creative, Bradley Firth said: "By pairing our whip-smart Koala creative team with Armand and Clockwork, we’ve been able to have a lot of fun exploring tricky situations where the Koala sofa bed range offers the perfect antidote."

Koala’s vice president of marketing Mark Khademi said: “Koala’s proud to boast the #1 rated Sofa Bed in the country and it’s no wonder why - the clever design looks incredible, folds out in seconds and features all the trademark comfort customers know and love Koala for”

Chief Commercial Officer: Rory Costello
VP Global Brand Strategy & Creative: Bradley Firth VP Marketing Australia: Mark Khademi
Integrated Producer: Nikki Jones
Creative Director: Taylor Thornton
Senior Creative: Matt Koo
Senior Brand Designer: Elana Robson
Creative: Drew Dunbar
Senior Marketing Manager: Miles Thomas
Director of Organic Marketing: Kinga Papp
Social Media Manager: Laura Haddock
Performance Marketing Manager: Jules McKie Media Director: Sally Phelps
Media Manager: Michaella Naicker

Production House: Clockwork Films
Director: Armand De Saint~Salvy
Senior Producer: Alan Robinson
Executive Producer: Heath George & Damien Whitney
Production Manager: Steven Garrett
DOP: Liam Gilmour
Stylist (Art & Wardrobe): Janai Anselmi
White Chocolate
Song Zu
Father in Law: Duncan Ragg, Anna Phillips and Domenico DiMarte (Poppa) Big Night: Grace Rouvray, Adolphus Waylee & Leo Gichanja (Child)
Active Listening: Challito Browne & Meg Frazer

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