KIND embraces kind influencers

22 February 2021

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The brand has handpicked four ‘KIND Recruits’ to front the campaign.

Internationally acclaimed snacking brand KIND has launched its first Australian brand campaign. And it’s one, with a very unique twist. 

Founded in 2004 by American social entrepreneur Daniel Lubetzky, KIND is known as the brand that not only produces great tasting and wholesome snack bars, but as one that’s on a mission to make the world a little kinder - one snack, and one act at a time.  

While globally, KIND has a strong social mission called the KIND Movement, KIND in Australia has seen its own opportunity to establish a new social movement: KIND Endorsed.  

KIND Australia has decided to take an alternate position to its marketing strategy amidst a world of billion dollar endorsement deals, insta-famous sponsorships, or paid endorsements through sporting stars.  

Instead, KIND Australia will endorse the people and communities that embody the values of KIND and are seen to be working towards a more positive future for everyone. 

To start, they have handpicked four ‘KIND Recruits’ who will front the campaign.

These individuals have been recognised for their grassroots work and day-to-day kindness: Bronte Hendricks, youth disability advocate/co-founder of Stellar Experiences; Elvis Martin, principle ambassador for National Youth Commission; Father Bob Maguire, The Father Bob Maguire Foundation; and Yvonne Hong, founder of Pets of the Homeless. 

Each individual has been paid for their endorsement deal with that money going towards their respective charities and causes.

They have also been given KIND Snack Bars to share throughout their communities as they see fit. 

"We love the way KIND Australia can build on the momentum of the global KIND Movement," KIND Australia general manager Matt Shortal says.

"There is certainly no shortage of people in Australia reflecting the amazing and diverse ways kindness can come to life, we are really excited to sign our first four KIND Endorsed recruits.”

Now, KIND is on the search for 500 more ‘kind’ Australians to be rewarded and recognised.

These individuals will be provided 100 KIND bars - with a catch... as an act of kindness they must pledge to give 99 away.  

“KIND Endorsements shows that campaigns don’t have to be about a million dollar Instagram posts," D.O.A. managing partner Ebony Gaylor says.

"The simple act of shifting who brands endorse sends a signal to the industry that brands need to be about more than selling the fear of missing out. And the same goes with kindness. It’s the everyday acts that create a future we all want to be part of.” 

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