KFC's new Zinger ad: 'It's a burger for grown ups'

11 August 2017

Advertiser: KFC

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“Somewhere in Australia 1989” a child dons lipstick to the soundtrack of Blondie’s One Way or Another, but she wants much more.

Following its recent Ogilvy Sydney 'Bringing the Bird to Birdsville' ad, the fast food chain is back, but with a 'burger for grown ups'.

The 30 second ad begins “somewhere in Australia 1989” and shows a child donning lipstick to the soundtrack of Blondie’s One Way or Another.

It shows the young girl attempting to do adult things such as trying to get a tattoo and joining a skater gang.

The spot features KFC's new Zinger Mozzarella Burger, that being a Zinger chicken fillet "stacked on sizzling bacon plus a rich mozzarella cheese patty coated in its famous Zinger spices and deep fried for that extra crunch". 

"It's a burger for grown ups", seems to be the slogan here. Check it out for yourself.




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