John West teams up with Cummins&Partners for new project

22 February 2016

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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After launching a fake brand of tuna to make consumers imagine a world without fish, John West has been certified with the world’s best standard in sustainability.

John West Australia recently overhauled its supply chain to now only source tuna certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

This accreditation is not only good for John West, making it the world’s most sustainable tuna brand, but it's also good for the ocean with overfishing being the biggest threat to underwater ecosystem.

To celebrate the accreditation, Cummins&Partners developed ‘The Unlimited Edition’ project. John West saw the need to reframe its sustainable credentials, in a way that would make people understand the concept of sustainable equalling having something forever.

In the 30-second clip a fisherman introduces the latest development for John West while being thrashed by waves out on the open sea.

Cummins&Partners co-ECD, Jim Ingram says: “Making people care about sustainability, and transferring that to sales of John West is a complicated communications objective.

Our campaign has a number of moving parts, but all of it revolves around making it easy for consumers to understand that John West’s sustainable credentials are what makes it the best tuna.”

John West is aiming to raise $1million for WWF ocean conservation projects. This will be supported on broadcast media, point of sale and digital content. The campaign also has an earned media component via social media and PR, developed by Mango Communications in conjunction with Cummins&Partners.

Earlier this year John West launched a marketing stunt to reinforce the fact that 95% of its tuna is now sustainably sourced, to help stop tuna stocks dying out.

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