Jeep and Cummins&Partners change the coordinates of SUV advertising

4 August 2021

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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The campaign launches the new Jeep Compass in Australia.

What’s the most important feature in your car? For Jeep drivers, the answer is always the same. Capability.

Which is why, to launch the new Jeep Compass in Australia, Jeep and Cummins&Partners decided to focus less on its futuristic, yet familiar SUV features – and more on the unfamiliar places it can take you.

Launched last week, the serene, minimalist campaign features the GPS coordinates of real Australian locations, all of which can be accessed using the genuine 4x4 capability of the Jeep Compass.

Cummins&Partners associate creative director Adam Slater says: “The real luxury of owning a 4x4 isn’t just driving on muddy roads. It’s having unrestricted access to the things that really matter in life – time, space and nature.

“When we looked at compact SUV advertising, we noticed a lot of the same features, music tracks and scenarios being played out ad nauseum. So we decided in order to be distinctive, we’d bring viewers into a true, realistic moment of escapism that no other car in this category can provide”

Jeep Australia chief marketing officer Tom Noble says: “The Jeep Compass has come along leaps and bounds in its technology, interior and connectivity. But underneath all that, it’s still a Jeep – which means it does more than get you from A to B. It gets you to places where you really want to be.”

The campaign will roll out over the next two months on TV and online.

Jeep Compass drivers will also have the chance to upload their favourite spots to social media, using a special tool that calculates their exact coordinates – allowing other Jeep drivers to recreate their adventures.

Client: Jeep Australia
Managing Director: Kevin Flynn
Director of Marketing: Tom Noble
Senior Marketing Manager: Rachel Semmens
Marketing Manager: Samantha Lorenzi
Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Cummins
Associate Creative Director: Adam Slater
Senior Art Director: Chay O’Rourke
Group Account Director: Josh Collins
Account Director: Kara Brumfit
Senior Strategist: Brad Hill
Senior Retoucher: Emma Shaw
Production Company: NB
Content Director: Justin McMillan
Executive Producer: Ian Kenny
Line Producer: Nick Wolff
Producer: Brian Ho
DOP: Stefan Jose
Photographer: Erik Williamson
Drone: Tony Driver, Heliguy
Editor: Digby Hogan, The Empire
Post Grade: Kali Bateman
Sound Design: Ross Batten, Rosco Audio
Media Agency: Starcom
Digital & Social Agency: Digitas

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