James Boag content campaign to chart world first innovation

22 September 2015

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James Boag's latest campaign is very hush hush, but will chart the creation of a world first innovation.

The campaign, by One Green Bean, follows on from a brand refresh of the James Boag packaging earlier this year.

It stems from the idea that James Boag is born out of pure ingredients from Tasmania's environment and turned into a world class, premium beer. Video content, to be released in October will bring a never-before-seen innovation to life using content, an interactive website, PR and social activity, designed to shift perceptions of the brand among consumers.

Lion brand director Tanya Marler said: “The Australian palate has evolved and today’s beer drinkers have a discerning thirst for quality above all else. The new campaign will strengthen our positioning within the premium beer arena. It’s an exciting time for James Boag.”

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