Jacob's Creek campaign stars Djokovic for second year

18 January 2016

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Djokovic’s post-tennis meal is pizza. Mmmm pizza.

Jacob’s Creek presents ‘Made by Moments’ for the second year starring Novak Djokovic in promotion of the Australian Open.

The Australian wine brand launched 13 short videos that features Djokovic being asked questions including what is your ultimate BBQ (prawns, asparagus and aubergine) and where did you go on your first date?

The clips are focused around food, and highlight Australia’s multiculturalism as well as Djokovic’s global status, with him addressing his favourite Indian, Chinese, British and US foods – he loves baked potatoes from Iaho. Who knew?

A one-minute spot also notes the tennis player's own Serbian heritage, speaking of traditions he holds with his family. Funnily enough there was no bottle of wine on the table.

Jacob’s Creek is a major sponsor of the Australian Open this year and the ads have been released to highlight the collaboration.

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