iwonder to create a user-generated coronavirus documentary series

26 March 2020

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'Coronavirus & Me' will piece together stories of Australians’ experience making their way through the chaos and confusion unleashed by COVID-19.

Documentary video streaming platform iwonder.com is planning its first original content with ‘Coronavirus & Me’.

The user-generated documentary will piece together stories of Australians’ experience making their way through the chaos and confusion unleashed by COVID-19.

iwonder is inviting everyone in Australia, as well as Australians experiencing the effects of COVID-19 overseas, to record their day-to-day personal experiences of life affected by Coronavirus and upload their footage to www.iwonder.com/submit.

From stories of loss and hardship, self-isolation, or a struggle to get home from overseas, through to life-affirming tales of support, friendship, charity and optimism, or even simply a video diary of trying to buy household essentials as supermarkets buckle under the strain of panic-buying, each person’s unique story will be considered for inclusion as part of the ongoing documentary series.

Submissions will be edited together into short documentaries that will evolve in real-time to reveal how society is adapting to the crisis, as well as to track our eventual path to a recovery.

To reflect the unknown nature of the unpredictable and ever-changing crisis, no end date or episode limit has been attached to the series, with the intention to continue publishing new episodes as long as the topic remains relevant and the appetite for stories continues.

Video submissions should be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, can be shot on any kind of camera but must be in 16 x 9 landscape format. It can be silent or have people speaking. 

The contributor of any video, or part thereof, selected for inclusion in the series will be informed and mentioned in the episode’s credits, and a donation to the Australian Red Cross will be made in their name to help further the charity’s invaluable efforts in supporting communities through the COVID-19 crisis.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, with the deadline for the first episode set as Monday April 6 and release on iwonder.com following later in April.

“As a source of information and entertainment, at a time when both are needed now more than ever, iwonder is fortunate to be in a position to tell everyday Australians’ Coronavirus stories from a deeply personal and unfiltered perspective,"  iwonder CEO James Bridges says.

"By opening up the iwonder platform to amateur and aspiring filmmakers, as well as everyone with a camera-phone and a unique story to share, Coronavirus & Me will help to capture this unique period in Australia’s history, told in real-time by those living through it.”

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