Innovation Beverage Group's 'zero cares' via Common Ventures

1 August 2022

Creative Agency: Common Ventures

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An unapologetic approach to individuality.

To launch Innovation Beverage Group’s (IBG)  non-alcohol, premium spirit range, Drummerboy, creative agency Common Ventures has created ' zero cares' encouraging people to be themselves and not feel the pressure of Australia’s outdated drinking culture.

The multi-platform campaign highlights the types of outdated pressure people still face when ordering alcohol-free drinks and that you don’t need to have a rehearsed excuse, retort or reason, you just need ‘zero cares’ to drink what you want.

The Drummerboy range of spirits, including non-alcoholic gin, tequila, whiskey and more, are made in Australia with local ingredients.

Innovation Beverage Group’s chief commercial officer, Clive Coleman, said: “Attitudes towards drinking in Australia are becoming increasingly fragmented and less people are relating to our traditional drinking culture."

"People still want to live a life full of socialising with friends but an increasing segment are looking to reduce their consumption. We wanted a campaign that embraces people’s individuality whatever their choice of drink.”

Common Ventures executive creative director, Brian Merrifield, said: “Zero alcohol. Zero cares given’, takes an unapologetic approach to individuality. We’re encouraging people to be themselves; drink preference is personal and we believe people shouldn’t have to conform or compromise. We love working with Clive and IBG – we’re stoked with the campaign.”

Common Ventures account kead, Alex Don, said: “Drummerboy is a great new product in an increasingly competitive category, a product category that is not without its critics."

"We all know a lot of these critics personally and we had a lot of fun tapping into our own experiences to bring that to life. We can’t wait to explore the ‘Zero cares given’ platform further.”

'Zero cares' will soon be released via across BVOD, digital and social channels.


Innovation Beverage Group
Chief Commercial Officer: Clive Coleman

Common Ventures
Executive Creative Director: Brian Merrifield
Creative: Masha Rimsh
Creative: Tom Barker
Account Lead: Alex Don
Senior Producer: Lisa Macfarlane
Director & DOP: Jake Ward
Sound design: Smith & Western


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