Indian ad questions gender stereotypes

8 March 2016

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Why is laundry only a mother’s job? Maybe it’s time to #sharetheload.

A new campaign out of India encourages dialogue about stereotypes. In the ad, a father’s heart-warming apology to his daughter aims to make you wonder, ‘Are we passing on gender roles that haven't evolved with the times?’

In the ad for Ariel, from BBDO India, the father says: “I never told you that it’s not your job alone, but your husband’s job too. But how could I have said it, when I never helped your mum either? What you saw you learnt.”

It is a beautiful slice of the modern-woman’s life and it ends with the regretful father making a promise to change his ways.

We see him not only recognise the double standard around the home, but take responsibility for the perpetuation of this matter too.

For a laundry detergent ad, it’s making a powerful point.



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