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24 June 2022

Creative Agency: The Wired Agency

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Serving as a reminder for job seekers to make their seven seconds count.

Global hiring platform Indeed has released '7 Second Resume,' to help job seekers elevate their CVs and put their most authentic selves forward when it comes to applying for jobs.

The campaign challenges job seekers to reimagine their CV as a seven second elevator pitch, forcing candidates to be clear, compelling, and succinct when presenting their strengths and experience.

'7 Second Resume' – which has kicked off across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – features four everyday Australian job seekers from sectors including education, healthcare, and trades.

Produced by award-winning digital marketing group, The Wired Agency, 7 Second Resume utilises episodic content that surprises job seekers with an impromptu interview with an Indeed Career Coach, set inside a real elevator. The job seeker is given a sharp seven seconds to describe their career, share their strengths, and reflect on their weaknesses.

In most cases, the job seeker struggles to respond before the time is up. However, in the final episode, the job seeker hears what their friends and family have to say about their greatest qualities and skills, encouraging them to rethink how they pitch themselves when it comes to applying for jobs.

David Kennedy-Cosgrove from The Wired Agency, said: "Years of experience, hours of CV crafting, all hinge on seven seconds. When team Wired learnt of this insight, they looked for the most confronting creative idea to demonstrate it."

“Seven Second CV puts people through their paces and this campaign serves as a reminder for job seekers to make their seven seconds count.”

Indeed’s Career Coach, Sally McKibbin, said: “When it comes to writing a resume, it can sometimes be challenging to identify your greatest qualities or key strengths."

"One way to get to the heart of how you standout is to ask those who know you best – whether that’s friends, colleagues, or family. Getting a second opinion can help identify skills you may not have recognised, and that could really boost your CV.”


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