Identifying bad holiday rental guests with Corey Worthington via ShareCover and Thinkerbell

15 December 2021

Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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Paul Swann: “When people are on holiday so are their brains."

ShareCover, Australia’s flexible insurance provider for short-stay hosts has launched DisasterClass, a new campaign developed by Thinkerbell.

With ShareCover’s most common holiday rental insurance claim being damage to property and contents from guests having parties in the home, the insurance provider has released DisasterClass, with The Master of Disaster himself, Corey Worthington.

The online platform features a series of tutorials for hosts on how to help protect their short-stay properties against unruly guests, holiday-mode accidents and stolen goods.

In 2008, Corey Worthington hosted the biggest house party ever in Melbourne, making it an infamous moment in pop culture. Being an instantly recognisable symbol of in-home mayhem, ShareCover partnered with Corey to share his extensive knowledge on the matter.

IAG CMO Brent Smart: “We’ve teamed up with national party icon, Corey Worthington, given his first-hand experience when it comes to throwing an epic house party.

"As Australia gears up for the post-lockdown summer holiday season, ShareCover wants to educate short-stay hosts so that they’re protected in the event their property is damaged or an accident occurs.”

The national campaign lands as domestic travel continues to rise in popularity, and a huge surge is anticipated in Aussie holiday-makers ready to travel and keen to use short-stays to exercise freedom once again.

Thinkerbell’s Executive Creative Tinker, Paul Swann: “When people are on holiday so are their brains, which can make accidents more likely to happen. Some guests may also check out with a little more than they checked in with. DisasterClass is about getting short-stay hosts to protect their holiday homes from 08 Corey.”

The video series will roll out across digital, paid search, social and press. The campaign will run
throughout the summer. To view the DisasterClass tutorials click here.

Client: ShareCover
Chief Marketing Officer: Brent Smart
Marketing Director: Caroline Hugall
Creative Strategy Manager: Anna Jackson
Brand Marketing Specialist - Innovation: Danielle West
Creative Strategy Specialist: Jess Page
Social Media & Content Lead: Keira McIntosh
Media Consultant: Bronny Sivell
Creative: Thinkerbell
Lead Tinker: Jasmine Subrata
Lead Thinker: Imagene Callinan
Chief Strategy Thinker: Adam Ferrier
Lead Tinker: Simon Dall
Brand Thinker: Vince Usher
National Head Production Tinker: Grant Anderson
Executive Creative Tinker: Paul Swann
Lead Earned Thinker: Lauren Myers
Thinker: Sally Irving
Chief Executive Officer: Margie Reid
General Manager (North): Katie Dally
Production: 13CO
Director: Lizzy Bailey
Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
Producer: Victoria Schaw
Post Production: White Chocolate
Music/Sound: Heckler Sound
Media: Initiative
Chief Strategy Officer: Chris Colter
Head of Communications Design: Ryan Haeusler
Communications Planning Director: Emma Greenhalgh
Partnerships Manager: Nathan Vega
Talent: Corey Worthington

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