Icon Agency launches Still Six Lives campaign on stillbirth in Australia

15 February 2021

Media Agency: Atomic 212

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Developed to help reduce the risk of stillbirths through education around three proven behaviour tactics.

Icon Agency has launched a national awareness and education initiative on the hidden tragedy of stillbirth.

Still Six Lives is funded by the Federal Government and delivered by a consortium of established Australian organisations with a focus on pregnancy loss: Red Nose, including SANDS (Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support), Stillbirth Foundation and Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence. It is part of a larger 10-year national action plan to tackle the rate of stillbirth across Australia.

Still Six Lives has been developed to help reduce the risk of stillbirths through education around three proven behaviour tactics.

It’s hoped the campaign will work to dispel the sense of shame that surrounds stillbirth and break down social barriers that prevent parents of stillborn children receiving the love and support they need.

Almost six in 10 (57%) Australians know someone who has experienced a stillbirth, according to new data. Across the country, around 2,200 babies are stillborn every year – or six every day. Australia holds one of the worst records in the developed world for stillbirth, with a rate that has remained unchanged for 20 years.

Targeted at Australians, aged between 25-65 of all ethnicities and geographic backgrounds, Icon will be activating the campaign in three bursts.

The first phase and launch of the campaign video focuses on raising awareness and addressing stillbirth salience.
Produced by Icon, the primary asset for the campaign’s launch phase is a piece of emotive video content featuring expectant parents at an ultrasound scan, anticipating the joy of a new life and the baby they are yet to meet. Icon worked in collaboration with Commoner to manage production of the shoot and imagery that will be rolled out across the multiple media platforms.

Commencing in April, phase 2 will educate Australians on the three key behaviours that have been scientifically found to reduce the risk of stillbirth.

The last phase, running from July to August will highlight behavioural advocacy with an additional video to be created focussing on real life stories and experiences of Australian families.

In phase one, Icon is amplifying the campaign video with national PR, social media and influencer engagement. Marketing agency, Atomic 212° is managing all media planning and implementation.

Utilising spokesperson Jackie Mead, Co-CEO of Red Nose, and case study Maggie from Melbourne whose son Jamie was stillborn in April 2020, the campaign launched nationally on February 1.

Jackie said it’s high time for Australia to come together in addressing this critically important issue:

“The consortium tasked Icon Agency with producing a strategic campaign as part of a wider national action plan to encourage conversations and reduce stigma relating to stillbirth.

“Still Six Lives is the first campaign of its kind in Australia, and it’s incredibly meaningful to come together with Icon to spread this important message far and wide.

“If we can start to end the silence surrounding stillbirth, more and more people will become aware of the simple steps which can help to minimise the risk. Every family we can support, every stillbirth we can help try to prevent, is our driving goal.”

Icon Agency’s Group Account Director, Hazel Tiernan: “Icon prides itself on delivering impactful campaigns. Our primary objective is to change the national mindset and instil that stillbirth is in fact a universal issue relevant to all Australians.

“Our work is in aim of ensuring Australian families who have experienced stillbirth are receiving the support they need, while others are educated and have access to the resources to help prevent the risk of stillbirth.”

Integration agency – Icon Agency

Creative Strategy, Development and Production
Group Account Director: Hazel Tiernan
Integrated Account Director / Producer: Sam Cairns
Senior Account Manager: Jasmine Gaynor
Planner: Shaye Hare
Creative Director: Ed Bechervaise
Copywriter: Andrew North
Senior Designer: Mark Oriondo
Designer: Nana Derkyi

PR, social media and influencer strategy
Senior Account Director: Fiona Miller-Nwoke
Campaign implementation
Senior Account Manager: Rebecca Peck
Account Executive: Iman Osman

Senior Digital Project Manager: Kim Elliott
Senior Digital Art Director: Matt White
Senior Front End Developer: Craig MacIntyre
Senior Developer: Alex Smith

Production Partner - Commoner
Senior Producer: Raylene O’Hare
DOP: Marcus Cropp
Editor: Thomas Hyland
Colourists: Nicholas Hower
Sound Post Production: Production Alley
Casting: Highway Casting

Media Agency - Atomic 212
Planning & Trading Director: Devon Roberts
Planning & Trading Manager: Anna Nguyen
Planning & Trading Assistant: Valentina Griesheimer
Performance Director: Rajiv Panchal
Performance Manager: Marc Walker
Performance Executive: Prue Hunter
Programmatic Lead: Jeremy Ng
Programmatic Executive: Carl Clasio

Still Six Lives Consortium Team
Red Nose CEO: Keren Ludski
Red Nose Co-CEO: Jackie Mead
Stillbirth Foundation CEO: Leigh Brezler
Campaign Manager: Justin Mansfield


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