Hyundai clones Ryan Reynolds, wins Super Bowl ads

2 February 2016

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Because one Ryan is not nearly enough.

Hyundai has brought in the big guns for this year’s Super Bowl ad – 13 of them to be exact.

In the 45-second clip released by the car brand, two ladies take a trip to Ryanville, where the population is all clones of Ryan Reynolds.

We counted 13 clones, from a police man to a construction worker, to a group of the Deadpool star playing football.

The women are momentarily distracted by Reynold’s charm and nearly run over another Reynolds walking an adorable group of dogs. The voice over says, “A car that doesn’t get distracted”, advertising the 2017 Elantra automatic breaking and pedestrian detection.

If a whole lot of Reynold doesn’t sell Hyundais I’m not sure what will.

The Super Bowl is nearly upon us. Have you seen the other ads that made the big game? We have the collection here.

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