Hulsbosch creates new packaging design for Coles confectionery

5 September 2019

Advertiser: Coles
Creative Agency: Hulsbosch - Communication by Design

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The new design features simple graphic depictions of happy, expressive faces and eye-catching colour.

Design agency Hulsbosch has completed a packaging redesign and positioning update for Australian supermarket chain Coles and its entire Own Brand confectionery range.

The overhaul across the entire range of lollies and liquorice, intends to elevate the Own Brand brand block on shelf, showcase a new way of grouping the products and reveal a stronger, more attractive design visual for variants in the range.

After an extensive category review by Hulsbosch and Coles, it emerged along with a competitive price point, customers were making healthier shopping choices, looking for less sugar and artificial content in confectionery products.

After five years, the new lollies and liquorice packaging deliver designs with the following attributes – simpler packaging appearance, strong messaging hierarchy, shelf blocking, a clear ‘no artificial colours or flavours’ message and an engaging personality.

“Our unique, fun and clean designs define each product’s own personality and message for customers," says Jaid Hulsbosch, director at Hulsbosch.

"From Liquorice All Sorts, Snakes, Milk Bottles, Jelly Beans and everything in between we have applied our strategic and design skills for each individual Confectionery SKU for impactful shopping results instore or online.”

To provoke personality and flavour cues for each product, simple graphic depictions of happy, expressive faces are the central element; the ‘fun-face’ is a visual link throughout the range to encourage an emotive response and an eye-catching colour display enhances easy product recognition.

“Hulsbosch’s brief was to reflect the fact our Own Brand Confectionery offers a bright, fun and colourful treat that brings everyone together," says Belinda Anderson, head of marketing for Coles Own Brand.,

"The range has a classic appeal that transcends age and fashion – they’re a unique stable of sweet offerings that are a category constant.”

The new confectionery range is currently on shelf at Coles stores around Australia.

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