HP gets colourful with Mulga via Media.Monks

17 May 2022

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Viewers can interact via polls, memes and games.

HP and Media.Monks collaborated with award-winning Australian artist Mulga to produce a standout, social-first campaign that’s brimming with Instant Ink colour.

HP commissioned Mulga to create 20 pieces of original art in his iconic style. 

Ruben Ahmed, director of marketing, Australia & New Zealand: “Mulga was the perfect brand partner for us. His art is both vibrant and playful, and his use of animal characters was the perfect way to have some fun and showcase HP Instant Ink.”

Once the art was created, Media.Monks brought the campaign to life by animating Mulga’s art in 2D.

“We didn’t want to just ‘create ads’. Our aim was to make work that was social-first, told a fun story, and would strongly appeal to families with children. And when it came to concepting and executing the work, we didn’t hesitate to engage Media.Monks; their credentials in this space are unparalleled," said Ahmed.

The campaign consists of four hero videos and digital display creative. Viewers can interact with the campaign through polls, memes and games like Spot the Difference, I-Spy and Caption This.

Tim Wood, executive creative director (AUNZ) at Media.Monks: “When you look at this category, the work is very transactional, so this is a breath of fresh air. Instant Ink doesn’t stop, and neither does this work. It’s beautiful, colourful and constantly demands your attention.”

HP’s Instant Ink will run for 10 weeks until the end of July in  Australia and New Zealand. Focused specifically on Facebook and Instagram, each creative has been crafted to the social platforms’ formats: in-feed video, stories, in-stream and IGTV.


Director of Marketing, AU & NZ Ruben Ahmed

Consumer Marketing Manager, AU Nadin Kulen

Head of Marketing HP, NZ Jessica Rangi

Marketing Coordinator Cayce Wong

 Artist MULGA the artist (Joel Moore)

 Managing Director Richard Llyod

Executive Creative Director Tim Wood

Creative Director Callum Fitzhardinge, Chris Doe & Kim Jerbo

Art Director Filipe Oliveria

Film Creative Melissa Toh

Copywriter Albert Santos

Junior copywriter Victoria Toxqui

Designer Revati Tongaonkar

Head of Social Shea Warnes

Social Media Executive Kirstin Wong

EP Marie-Celine Witstrom

Senior Producer Sophie Campbell

Producer Jessika Keegan

Junior Producer Katrina Askov

Influencer manager Sophie Crowther

Casting manager Agustina Lara Peccin

Animation Director Bruna Agata Sanchez Freitas

Animation advisor Michiel Schellekens

Storyboard artist Felipe De Barros & Juan Pedro Testa

Animators Ignacio Darras Galván, Maxime Inden, Juan Facundo Saavedra, Felipe Galindez, Maya Perotti, Patrick Brem, Falk Beuzenberg & Arjan Dekker

Sound design Paula Garcia & Juani Molina


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