Holden unveils Attenborough-esque mocumentary for shark week

25 July 2017

Advertiser: General Motors Holden
Creative Agency: One Green Bean

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There's something lurking inside the Holden Astra and it feeds on a diet of broken sunnies and hastily stowed fast food wrappers.

Holden is sinking its teeth into shark week, launching a a mockumentary-style content video, educating Australians on the habitat of the Astra shark, its characteristics and "diet of broken sunnies and hastily stowed fast food wrappers".

Holden exec Mark Harland will be giving the keynote address at the AdNews Media + Marketing Summit 2 Aug. 

From One Green Bean, the video celebrates the hidden shark in the Astra's glovebox. According to Volkswagen, less than 1% of Aussies aware of it, so you'd be forgiven for not knowing about the shark.

However, this elusive Australian creature is making waves with the help of the next best thing to David Attenborough - Colin Cassidy, a celebrity impersonator.

The story goes that a General Motors designer was at home one day sketching a glovebox for a particular model, when his young son said it would be cool if he used a shark in the design. 

There have since been many shark sightings in the northern hemisphere, and now it seems the sharks have made their way Down Under in the Astra hatch.

Holden general manager of marketing communications and digital Natalie Davey says: “We know that Aussies are fascinated by sharks and are curious about the mystery and legend surrounding the ultimate ocean predator.”

“At Holden, we like to celebrate the unique and unusual, yet it is a mystery to us why this shark has taken up home in the Astra glove box. We want all Aussies to keep a look out for the beast while driving their Astra this Shark Week,” she adds.

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