HBF unveils new extras product suite via Cummins&Partners

2 March 2020

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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"We want our messages to be bold and clear. Not platitudinous."

Cummins&Partners has brought a fresh look to WA's largest and most established health insurer, HBF, with a punchy retail campaign designed to launch its all new extras product suite.

Having engaged HBF members, the general public and a wide cross-section of the market, HBF listened to people's concerns regarding extras cover and responded with a revolutionised suite of extras products.

"We carried out significant research, working closely with our members and consumers which gave us really valuable feedback," HBF head of marketing Louise Ardagh says.

"It is fitting that we have delivered a campaign that shows we listened and acted."

The feedback was clear, members want more from their extras.

More value, more freedom in how they use their cover, more choice of provider and more clarity about how much they'll get back.

HBF has delivered on all fronts through the co-creation of their new extras products.

Cummins&Partners unpacked the desire for simplicity by delivering a bold, contemporary campaign to generate cut through in a complex market.

The two-way conversational campaign boasts an eye-catching new look for the 78-year-old insurer.

According to Cummins&Partners creative chief Sean Cummins the acquisition campaign projects a whole new feel for HBF and was designed to get attention in the insurer's home state market, WA.

"We want our messages to be bold and clear. Not platitudinous. We think this campaign does it well," Cummins says.

The campaign launched with an integrated campaign across TV, video, digital, OOH, radio and in branches.

Client: HBF
Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Media: OMD & Resolution

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