Hardhat launches first campaign for State Trustees

2 November 2020

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"We’ve used our deep knowledge in estate planning to design a user-friendly Online Will platform..."

Online Will from State Trustees has launched with an unexpected campaign via newly appointed creative agency Hardhat, one that aims to turn in between moments into opportunities for action.

Having a baby, moving house or exploring some thrilling new hobbies – this colourful, tongue-in-cheek campaign leverages the types of life stages that trigger many Australians to get their affairs in order.

All in a bid to nudge the audience in the direction of this far more approachable platform.

No more excuses, with an Online Will that could take just 30 minutes on tablet or desktop, it’s time to think differently about this much maligned and often ignored piece of life admin.

Inspired by decades of experience of estate law, the step-by-step online experience is designed to give you exactly what you need – without any of the fluff.

The campaign seeks to combat the inertia surrounding estate planning and lets Aussies know – if you’ve got time to fill, you’ve got time to Will.

“When you think about it, a will is the literal embodiment of ‘life admin’ - something that’s an effort to think about and easy to put off," Hardhat executive creative director Glenn Dalton says.

"With such a simple online product from a trusted organisation, we leveraged the Behavioural Science heuristic of ‘Zero Risk Bias’, removed known barriers, then completely reframed the time and effort needed to complete a will. Now anytime is a time to will.”

Commencing roll out from October 26, the campaign consists of a series of above the line and through the line projects including radio, and a suite of digital assets.

“State Trustees is on a mission to ensure every Australian has a valid will, so we’re really excited to launch this platform and supporting campaign," State Trustees general manager of trustee services Michael Spiegel says.

"Our research confirms what a lot of us already know, people without a will have strong intention to get one but see it as too complex or time consuming, so we’ve delivered a convenient digital solution that’s secure, easy and affordable.

"We’ve used our deep knowledge in estate planning to design a user-friendly Online Will platform so it may just be the nudge Australians need to get an important part of life admin done."

Glenn Dalton - Executive Creative Director
Reece Ryan - Creative Director
Marnie Cartwright - Account Director
Jonathan Heath - Senior Creative
Luke Danzig - Art Director
Char Wren - Producer
Marie Fiorucci - Designer
Zane Flynn - Designer
Sophia Duhrin - Designer
Tashwita Rahalkar – Head of Brand and CX
Alexandra Cicerale – Marketing Manager
Gavin Cronje – Digital Innovation Lead
Illustrations - Richard Walker, Walker Design Co
Soundtrack Production - Rumble Studios
Animation - Stafford Wilson, Kitset

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