GPJ host Christmas lunch with OzHarvest and A Sound Life

9 December 2019

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The theme of the event was ‘Festive-all’.

Experiential marketing agency GPJ hosted its 2019 Christmas celebration with its clients, team and partners.

The event itself provided a platform to showcase GPJ's dedication to purpose and what makes it a unique force in experiential marketing.

Far more than just a seasonal social, the structure of the philanthropic event was emphatically designed as a forum with a progressive purpose.

The theme of the ‘Festive-all’ was about harnessing the power of purpose by working together with OzHarvest and A Sound Life as a force for positive change.

GPJ’s three year partnership with A Sound Life was also embedded to demonstrate the importance of music and movement.

Hosting the event with OzHarvest helped highlight the issues of food insecurity and food waste in Australia, and promote the values of sustainability and waste reduction.

In Australia, more than five million people experience food insecurity while, staggeringly, one third of all global food production is wasted.

Through its work in food rescue, community engagement and education, OzHarvest’s vision is to create a world free from hunger and with zero waste, where everyone can lead a sustainable life.

Responding to a growing social awareness, GPJ approached OzHarvest and A Sound Life to create a bespoke, purpose-driven corporate event.

GPJ ANZ is committed to creating experiences that inspire people to change the world.

While the team helps other brands do this every day in large-scale experiences, GPJ wanted to act in the same manner when it came to the holiday season.

With deep trust and a solid relationship that truly inspired everyone at the ‘Festive-all’ to try and change the world in their own small way.

GPJ ANZ general manager Marc Iacono greeted guests along with an acknowledgement of the land and introduction of Ronni Kahn AO, CEO and founder of OzHarvest.

Kahn was joined by her son and fellow philanthropist Edo Kahn, founder of A Sound Life.

The two showcased their passion and purpose for helping those in need in their own unique and captivating way.

A Sound Life concluded the lunch with volunteer musicians Junkyard Beats and Gus Abiz with a musical performance that embedded participation, body movement and a chorused sing-along.

“’Festive-all’ provided us with the perfect opportunity to give back and do something with purpose for our client celebrations this year," GPJ ANZ MD and SVP and Project ANZ MD Caleb Bush says.

"Working together with A Sound Life and OzHarvest gave us the opportunity to provide support during the Christmas period to those who need it most.”

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