Australian Dental Association encourages people to go to the dentist

5 December 2019

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Frank the Tooth reminds Victorians to go to the dentist before a sore tooth takes them there.

Behaviour Change specialists The Shannon Company (TSC) are taking on one of the community’s most common phobias -fear of the dentist.

The digital campaign for the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB), uses ‘Frank the tooth’ to remind Victorians to ‘Go to the dentist before a sore tooth takes you there'.

According to ADAVB, only 60% of Victorians visited the dentist in the past year.

TSC managing director Ian Forsyth, says when it comes to health care, many of the most frequently searched phrases relate to our teeth.

“Search phrases like tooth pain home remedies, and how to stop toothache, are right up there," Forsyth says.

“We’re using a light hearted approach to educate about the importance of regular visits to the dentist, inspire visits through the benefits of on-going care, build capability by making visits easier to do, and trigger the desired behaviour – visiting the dentist.

“Unfortunately many of us have entered ‘The Cycle of Despair’ – we’re not going to the dentist for preventative care, that increases the likelihood of tooth ache, and when it inevitably arrives, we’re looking for home remedies.

“This campaign and associated work are designed to break that cycle.”

Client: Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch
Dr Matthew Hopcraft

Creative: Harry Bastin (TSC)
Jaksen Daddo (TSC)

Strategy: Lily Tidy (TSC)

Production: The Producers

Client Service: Lauren Nichols (TSC)

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