Famous faces mark 30 years of Good Weekend

2 September 2014

Advertiser: Fairfax Media

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It's not too early to use Robin Williams in ads apparently as Fairfax Media celebrates Good Weekend Magazine's 30th with a montage of famous images.

Too soon to use an image of Robin Williams to prompt memories of sadness? Apparently not. The late actor makes a star turn in a video to mark 30 years of Fairfax's weekend supplement Good Weekend. The ad, created by  True Sydney, rolls through a swathe of glossy images backed by a classic Coldplay-esque piano ballad soundbed designed to pull at the heartstrings and rouse feelings of triumph, makes pretty compelling viewing.

Creative director Eric Stephens quipped that the ad wrote itself, and it certainly appears that way. When you have a library of images of the stars by some of the finest photographers collected over three decades, it's easy to get the likes of the Dalai Lama, Bob Dylan, John F Kennedy and Christine Lagarde to make star appearances. Classy.

Creative Direction: Eric Stephens, True Sydney
Art Direction: Chris Kiprovski, True Sydney
Copy: Cass Megraw, True Sydney
Motion Graphics: Ben Allen, True Sydney
Account Management: Jasmine Rezek, True Sydney

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