Fairfax celebrates 186-year-old heritage with black and white ads

3 October 2017

Advertiser: Fairfax Media
Creative Agency: WiTH Collective

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Fairfax Media has launched a new advertising campaign to reflect its growing digital subscriber number.

Fairfax Media has unveiled its latest integrated advertising campaign for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, to celebrate its heritage as Australia’s oldest premium publisher and to reinforce its commitment to quality, independent journalism.

The campaign aims to grow its digital subscription numbers and demonstrate Fairfax's 186-year-old relationship with its readers and subscribers.

The 'Always' campaign features black and white imagery from Fairfax’s historic photographic archives.

The campaign builds on Fairfax’s highest number of digital subscriptions to date, with 236,000 paying digital subscribers and a 21% lift in digital subscription revenue reported for FY17.

“Our subscription value proposition is focused on quality content, our independent journalism and our long-term understanding of what our audiences value. We know it is these elements - and not tactical gimmicks - that are driving our excellent subscription results and why more people than ever are paying for our content digitally,” says Fairfax Media CMO Michael Laxton.

"While the Always campaign reflects our historical longevity in market, with it we are also looking to the future; we're hugely excited to offer both our readers and subscribers a more immersive, engaging web experience with our forthcoming product launches later this year."

‘Always’ is the sixth iteration of Fairfax’s brand platform "independent news for independent thinkers' running across The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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