Export announces its future in hilarious keynote presentation

31 May 2021

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The campaign launched with TVC, OOH and online.

Export, the beer that brought you Brewtroleum and Beer Bottle Sand, has taken its commitment to innovation up a level with a new campaign that features a hilarious mock keynote presentation.

The campaign launches the new Thirsty for Better brand platform which celebrates the brand’s rich history of making things better and sets the brand up for exciting innovations yet to come.

The Export brand has always been innovative. From a young age the founder Morton Coutts was determined to find ways to make things better, believing that if you didn’t have what you needed, you should build it.

When the New Zealand government had handed down its infamous “Black Budget”, introducing a tax on high quality imported beer, Export – New Zealand’s first export quality beer – was born.

Coutts was an inventor and a genius, and with a determination to make beer better for the common working Kiwi he pioneered everything from continuous brewing methods to the country’s first refrigerated draft beer.

More recently Export made Brewtroleum, a biofuel made from ethanol left over in the brewing process, and Beer Bottle Sand, using recycled glass bottles to help build Queenstown Airport and sections of the Hamilton expressway road.

Today Morton’s disrespect for the impossible and constant ‘pursuit of better’ lives on in Export’s drive to make things, like beer packaging, better, by making it more recyclable.

The launch TVC unashamedly celebrates the packaging as a major technology breakthrough in a large theatre with oversized screens, comically positioning Export as ‘the tech company of beer’.

The TVC teases that new innovations are coming soon.

“Export is capitalising on 90 years of innovation," DB Breweries marketing director Jo Mitchell says.

"It’s what the brand was founded on back in 1930, and continues to be a measure of the innovation going forward,” says Mitchell.

The campaign launches with TVC, OOH and online from the 30 May onwards.

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