Rest speaks to diverse member base in new campaign via BMF

31 May 2021

Creative Agency: BMF

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"The idea was to position Rest as an active advocate and coach that helps members grow their super, no matter their income, work type, age or profile."

Australian profit-to-member superannuation fund Rest is dialing up the visibility of its brand in a new campaign that works with members, to speak to members.

The new campaign captures Rest’s strong ‘profit-to-member super’ offering, while also featuring a representation of Rest’s diverse member base, by working with real members from a range of backgrounds and life experiences.

The campaign, which was created in consultation with creative agency BMF, tells a story of inclusivity, equality, and financial guidance through a series of fun and relatable analogies.

Before developing the new campaign, Rest conducted research on the key offerings that are most valued by its members, and found these to be low fees, good long-term returns, effective and affordable advice, and a simple and easy member experience.

Members felt it was important to be with a fund that advocates for fair and equitable superannuation, and that all individuals should have access to fair super.

However, the research also showed that many members were still not aware of the benefits available to them at Rest, such as low fees and simple advice* at no extra charge.

Therefore, the key objective was to inform members of these benefits and capture the essence of what fair superannuation looks like, by highlighting these concepts in a simple and effective way.

“Our members are the reason we exist, and so it was crucial that we listened to them when designing our campaigns," Rest group executive, member engagement Tyrone O'Neill says.

"We also thought it would be fantastic to work with some of our members to help communicate to other Rest members and all Australians about the importance of fairness in super.

"Our members have told us that some of them find super complex and confusing, so we’ve aimed to make our messages simple and easy to understand.

“To do this, we worked with BMF to create a campaign that draws on various analogies, with each one introduced by a title ‘Rest Presents’.

"The idea was to position Rest as an active advocate and coach that helps members grow their super, no matter their income, work type, age or profile.

"Additionally, we created a series of taglines and posters around what ‘Fair is’, which looked to capture the value of a membership with Rest, including low fees, simple advice at no extra charge, responsible investing, and advocating for fair super for all Australians.

“Rest as an organisation has undergone a huge transformation over the past couple of years, although what hasn’t changed in our focus on making every dollar count for members by delivering strong investment returns and low fees.

"We want to support every single member in our fund, whether they are 17 or 70, and whether their balance is $1000 or $1 million.

"Most of our members started their careers in the retail sector, which remains our central and core employment sector, but many members have moved into other sectors, and we have grown into a fund that spans a cross section of Australians. This campaign reflects that diversity of membership."

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