Entertainment's 'Tap for Fun' via M&C Saatchi

3 August 2022

Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi (NSW)

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“Finding fun things to do can be surprisingly hard work, but not with the Entertainment app."

Entertainment, formerly known as the Entertainment Book, has unveiled a relaunch via a campaign by M&C Saatchi group.

The campaign sets up the new creative platform, Tap for Fun, evolving the original Entertainment Book into a new Entertainment app and connecting users to the hottest offers across dining, shopping, travel and more.

Rich Donovan, executive creative director M&C Saatchi, said: “Finding fun things to do can be surprisingly hard work, but not with the Entertainment app. We wanted work that dialed up that key consumer benefit and was entertainment by name and by nature.”

Jake Falkinder, chief marketing officer, entertainment, said: “As household budgets continue to be stretched, we are delighted to offer Australians and New Zealanders opportunities to still enjoy the things they love whilst supporting local businesses in their community.

“The digital component of Entertainment’s ‘Tap for fun’ campaign highlights our exciting new 3-month membership priced at just $29.99 – a great introduction to the thousands of unbeatable discounts available with an Entertainment Membership."

The campaign is live and will be testing new brand channels across BVOD, Youtube, Social and Search with an OOH test in SA and Perth.

ECDs: Avish Gordhan; Richard Donovan
Creative Team: Nicole Conway; Tim Batterham
Senior Strategist: Amy Grant
Group Head: Charlie Elliott
Senior Producer: Vanessa Fernandez
Design Director: James Jamias
Integrated Designer: Ian Hartigan
Media Agency: Bohemia
Head of Strategy: Max Broer
Connections Designer: Caitlin West
Business Director: Natasha Young
Media Manager: Abbey Tarlinton
Media Executive: Alana Mazza
Media Coordinator: Hana Purvis

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