Engineers Australia's 'Make Life Happen' via Bastion Creative

28 July 2022

Creative Agency: Bastion Creative

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"An uplifting, inspiring message that engineers can take pride in."

Engineers Australia has launched its first integrated, national brand campaign via Bastion Creative to showcase the work of engineers across mainstream print, television, and social media.

'Make Life Happen' the story of different engineering projects to show that the profession is much more than buildings and bridges — it includes everything from robotics in surgery and pumped hydro electricity generation to micro-recycling and soaring structural feats like a clifftop walk and a modular construction high-rise.

Nada Jolic, Engineers Australia general manager brand, marketing and communications, said: “Our members asked us for an advocacy campaign that highlights what a progressive, society-advancing profession engineering is. It will be an uplifting, inspiring message that engineers can take pride in, and will elevate the status of engineering in the hearts and minds of the public."

“We wanted to develop a program that shows how engineering touches the lives of people in practical and powerful ways every day. Engineering is so pervasive that it’s almost invisible. It’s time for engineers to stand up and for engineering to stand out in the public and national interest.”

Bastion Creative client services director Kath O’Shea said: “The world of engineering is fascinating and touches almost every part of our lives. The more we dug into the project, the more we realised the span of the profession, and really how engineers are going to be the ones to help fix the world’s problems of the future."

"They are a group that need to be celebrated. We got goose bumps making the campaign, and we hope viewers experience this too."


Creative agency - Bastion Creative

Georgia Arnott - ECD

Jarrod Lowe, Scott Walker, Mike Guegan, Mark Cole - Creative teams

Kath O’Shea - Client Services Director

Stacey Paul - Account Director

Josh Staras - Account Executive

Prod Company - Bastion Make

Stephanie Ceccaldi - Executive Producer

Ven Gia - Director

Boris Vymenets – Director of Photography


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