DrinkWise installs artworks to fight binge drinking

10 December 2018

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DrinkWise is using art to stop Aussies from drinking too much over the holidays.

DrinkWise is trying to get Australians to drink responsibly this holiday season with a campaign that shows social media never forgets their embarrassing drunk moments.

Created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 'The internet remembers' is an art exhibition showing what people look like when they've had too much to drink.

It consists of five stone plinths touring nightlife destinations across Melbourne in December, with each plinth containing an augmented reality experience.

Once the digital experience is activated, a bronze statue depicting an embarrassing situation appears on the viewer's mobile screen, with a voiceover narrating the story.

DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan said the campaign was launched in time for the holiday season.

“The way we use social media nowadays means that moments we wish we could forget can often live on digitally,” Strahan said.

“We hope using that insight as a relevant and timely reminder will help young adults take a more moderate approach to alcohol consumption.”

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne creative directors Ant Phillips and Rich Williams said they hope the art installations will encourage people to slow down when drinking.

“Whether it’s a public display of urination or projectile vomiting whilst your boss holds your hair back, the internet remembers everything,” they said.

“We hope the thought of becoming a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons will encourage people to change their binge drinking habits for the better. This campaign is a stark reminder of what can happen when you don’t.”

The exhibition will be travelling around Australia in 2019.

Client: DrinkWise
CEO: Simon Strahan
Marketing Manager: Nathan Kent

Creative agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
PR: AMPR, Enthral
CGI Production: Cadre Productions

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