DonateLife's 'The Great Registration Race' via Make Mate

26 July 2022

Creative Agency: Make Mate

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Following 2021's success with more than 100,000 registrations.

DonateLife has launched The Great Registration Race via creative agency Make mate, following last years success which generated 100,000 registrations.

The campaign will feature transplant recipients including Stephanie Browitt who required multiple tissue transplants after the White Island Volcano tragedy leaving major parts of her body severely burnt.

A part of the campaign is in-game advertising to help target young men, who are some of the lowest demographics to have registered.

The idea stems from the fact that 92% of males aged 18-34 are gamers, and gaming media environments reach as many people as Facebook in Australia, over 12.4M people.

This includes in-game billboards and a custom branded game that people can play with to learn about organ registration in exchange with in-game rewards like new lives.

To connect with a larger audience DonateLife have also teamed up with cafes across the country to distribute posters and QR code stickers on the cups. The QR code links to the website- where you can literally register in two sips!


Client: DonateLife

Creative Agency: Make Mate

Design agency: Studio Elevenses

PR: Upstride

Photography: Jesper Nielsen

Video Production: Pixel42

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