DMARGE opens Cyber Pub

26 March 2020

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The publisher wants to keep Aussie men connected.

Independent men's digital and print publisher DMARGE has launched a new initiative called 'Cyber Pub'.

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that is currently taking over the world is forcing everyone to stay inside.

With the majority of governments announcing that social spaces such as pubs, clubs and restaurants should close, keeping a social life in the current climate is next to impossible.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in Australia.

Australian men in particular thrive on a social culture, with many heading to a bar, pub or RSL after a long day at work, or having mates over at the weekend for BBQs. These are no longer possible.

DMARGE believes something should be done to navigate around these unprecedented times, because Australian men need a space where they can interact with friends and family and not have to be prisoners inside their own home.

This prompted the men's digital and print publisher to launch Cyber Pub, an online space that Australian men can visit to keep in touch with one another, and have a laugh at the same time.

Cyber Pub was first thought up by actor David Lawson, who wanted to create a fun and interactive way of keeping in touch with his good friend Tim, after David had to move from Sydney to Melbourne.

Cyber Pub is a virtual pub that can be opened across all manner of video calling software (Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype etc.) and unlike regular pubs and drinking establishments, there are no rules:

• You can’t be kicked out for intoxication
• You can serve alcohol without needing an RSA
• You don’t need to wear pants
• You don’t need a segregated smoking area

...the list of what goes is endless.

The main reason Cyber Pub exists though, is to give Australian men a safe space where they can talk openly with one another.

In this time of nationwide lockdown, the need for an open space for Australians is more essential than ever.

Cyber Pub can be open whenever people want, but DMARGE feels Fridays at 5pm is the perfect time for an end of week catch-up.

After the first few meet-ups, Australian men will wonder why they ever left home in the first place.

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