DIY Blinds sets out to 'Change the Ugly' via Bullfrog

27 July 2022

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Building awareness of a category-disrupting ethos.

DIY Blinds is daring to 'Change the Ugly' Aussie homes via creative agency Bullfrog.

The ‘Change the Ugly’ platform aims to build awareness of DIY Blinds and their category-disrupting ethos.

The campaign sees a series of product-driven TVC's that showcase what the power of a good blind can do to transform any space.

Evan Montero, co-founder of DIY Blinds, said: “Rather than competing in a price race, we wanted to prioritise a message that would disrupt the industry – keeping in line with our business’ mentality. The platform is ownable, different and nailed our brand mission.”

Matthew Bedwell, Marketing Manager at DIY Blinds, said: “When people think of home transformation, their first thought usually aren’t blinds. Our first brand campaign was the perfect opportunity to remind customers of the power a good blind can do to transform their space."

"The 'Change the Ugly' platform also boldly differentiates DIY Blinds from our competitors who are reaching for the familiar levers of sales and promotions to drive business."

Daniel Sparkes, creative director of Bullfrog said: “The application of ‘Change the Ugly’ is what excites us.

"From business model to consumer-facing comms, every brand interaction and business decision will be made with the ‘Change the Ugly’ platform in mind.”

'Change the Ugly' is live across social, OOH and paid digital media.

Client: DIY Blinds
Co-Founder: Evan Montero
Co-Founder: Liam Dobson
Marketing Manager (Growth): Matthew Bedwell
Senior Visual Designer: Robert Tenorio
Creative & Production: Bullfrog
Director: Clare Plueckhahn
Director of Photography: Max Walter
Colour Grade: Crayon
Sound Mix & Design: Squeak E Clean
Media Agency: Hatched & Bullfrog
Katy Purry Talent: Jimmy the Cat

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