Daily Tele uses news making headlines for brand campaign

27 July 2015

Advertiser: News Corp.

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Just when you thought you've seen the last of Packer in tracksuit pants, The Daily Tele has brought back the front pages that sparked conversation and drove people to the paper for its latest brand push.

The Daily Telegraph today launched a new brand campaign that reinforces the masthead’s agenda-setting position in NSW while highlighting some of its iconic front pages from recent years.

The ‘headlines’ campaign captures The Daily Telegraph’s bold signature style in a series of headline driven creative executions that will run in an outdoor campaign across buses from today, and trains, taxis and large format billboards from 3 August.

The creative was developed for The Daily Telegraph by Disciple.

Paul Whittaker, editor of The Daily Telegraph said: “In media nothing beats the power of the front page and this campaign demonstrates The Daily Telegraph’s ability to inform, entertain and effect real change in the community. It goes to the heart of what The Daily Telegraph does best – breaking news and tackling the big issues that set the agenda for NSW and the nation every day.”

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