Cummins&Partners revives Chiko Roll with a mind blowing jingle and a comedy hand

1 August 2016

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Media Agency: Initiative Media (VIC)

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The Chiko Roll, owned by Simplot, is an icon of 70s Australia. An item on the menu of every chip shop across the country but it's fallen out of favour.

In what is one of the most impressive bursts of long form copywriting and jingle-art in recent times, Cummins&Partners is reviving Chiko Roll.

The Chiko Roll, owned by Simplot, is an icon of 70s Australia. An item on the menu of every chip shop across the country but it's fallen out of favour.

Cummins was tasked with reviving the cheeky Chiko Roll and from a humble brief came the retro styled, humour-filled campaign and promotion, that is bang on its target market. (You'll notice that each member of the Cummins team credited below, has been given a nickname in keeping with the Chiko Roll audience.)

The ads rolled out over the weekend during Fox Sports Retro Round. And there are a limited number of branded Chiko-Roll handy-hand holders available. To mechanic to claim one is suitably old-school. Fans need to collect two Chiko Roll bags from chip shop purchases and send them in via the post to be a lucky recipient if a branded hand.

Cummins&Partners brand detective James Bennett says: "Chiko Rolls were the original one-handed snack. But people needed a reminder of the best occasion to enjoy them. We observed people’s behaviour on the way home from the Fish & Chip shop and observed that 86.7% of Aussies stole a chip from the bag before getting home. This was our opportunity for Chiko Roll. This one-handed snack would become the perfect meal before the meal."

Cummins&Partners ECD Ben Couzens adds that given the noise in the modern media landscape it was important to create a "radical approach to cut through".

"We needed a jingle. And a promotion that enabled more Aussies to enjoy a Chiko Roll more often,” he says.

The script as written, produced and performed by Terry “Tezzo” Mann, a digital producer at the agency.


Agency: Cummins & Partners

Executive Creative Directors: Jim “Jimbo” Ingram, Ben “Cuzzo” Couzens
Writer: Adam “Slato” Slater
Art Director: Regina “Stroombo” Stroombergen
Global Strategy Officer: Adam “Fezzo” Ferrier
Brand Detective: James “Jimbo” Bennet
Designer: Jacob “Jakko” Reading
Agency Producer: Katherine “Kate-o” Muir
Group Account Director: Rodney “Moose-o” Mooseek
Senior Integration Director: Katy “Peto” Peterson
Creative Services Director: Steve “Stevo” Tortosa

Song Composer, musician and vocals: Terry “Tezzo” Mann
Editor: Graeme “Grazo” Philips, Ed “Eddo” Gurr

Handy Holder Director: Matt “Matto” Weston
Editor: Matt “Matto” Weston
Online Editor: Graeme “Grazo” Phillips
DOP: Liam “Gillo” Gilmour
Hair/Makeup & Wardrobe: Nadine “Mullo” Muller
Production Designer: Zoe “Lofto” Lofts

Sound Engineer: Dylan “Stevo” Stephens, Risk Sound
Handy Holder Designer: Ed “Eddo” Croll
Handy Holder Manufacturing: Hot Promos

Client: Simplot

General Manager - Seafood, Snacks & Meals - Joint Venture: Adam “Addso”
Marketing Manager Frozen Seafood, Snacks & Components: Ben “Benno” Dalla Riva
Senior Product Manager: Tim “Timbo” Bower 

PR: Mango
Account Director: Amanda “Sheato” Sheat
Account Manager: Lauren “Hunto” Hunt

Media: Initiative
Client Director: Georgina “Georgo” Leslie
Client Manager: Tara “Riddo” Ridolfi 

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