Colgate in 'Smile Out Loud' via Red Fuse

9 May 2022

Creative Agency: Red Fuse

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Building on Colgate’s diversity awareness mission.

Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team for Colgate-Palmolive, has launched an optic white toothpaste and a teeth whitening device called # SmileOutLoud.

SmileOutLoud challenges traditional and unrealistic beauty standards with the insight that we are at our most beautiful when we smile from the heart. The video and visual assets present a contrast to beauty and luxury advertising, where models will rarely smile.

The stars of the campaign: Thai/African Influencer Suzie Waddee and real-sized beauty queen Ann-Scott Kemmis, both shun the idea of so-called “perfect” teeth and are shown unapologetically displaying their biggest and brightest smiles.

Lyndon Morant, marketing director IMC said: “This is the first time an oral care brand has addressed the beauty issue head on with a campaign that inspires a deeper level of self-confidence. For us, oral beauty is not defined by perfection but rather the unapologetic way in which you smile with whatever type of teeth you have and with stories of people who live this belief every day.”

Smile Out Loud builds on Colgate’s diversity awareness mission across the region by building on positive reinforcement in otherwise unspoken or taboo subjects.

Kenny Choo, regional executive creative director Red Fuse, APAC said: “Our team has combined Colgate-Palmolive’s business vision and product offering to create some of the category’s most groundbreaking and innovative work, mimicking the product itself.”

"We’ve combined best in class creative integration capabilities and the best media platforms available to bring to life the emotional and functional messages of the campaign in a cohesive and seamless way.”

Smile Out Loud will run in Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines and include content partnerships with local publications in each market that challenge the role of the smile in beauty advertising.

Red Fuse
Caroline Slocombe - Regional Managing Director, APAC
Daniel Cullen - Regional Client Service Director, APAC
Kenny Choo - Regional Executive Creative Director, APAC
Agnes Chow - Regional Creative Director, APAC
Virginia Tse - Regional Head of Production, APAC
Ellen Soh - Regional Senior Account Director, APAC
Clara Roxas - Regional Senior Copywriter, APAC
Kusuma Arunanondchai - Regional Art Director, APAC
Alec Cheung - Regional Producer, APAC
Jim Fong - Regional Creative Director, APAC
Shreya Jhamtani - Regional Senior Account Executive, APAC
Jessa Bartolabac - Regional Associate Strategy Director, APAC
Orlando Hooper-greenhill - Regional Interim Head of Strategy, APAC
Xea Kho - Regional Comms Planning Director, APAC
Robert Sue - Regional Media Lead, APAC
Sandy Tan - Regional Chief Digital and Data Officer
Stephen Dwyer - Regional Digital and Audience Director
Yves Briantias - Vice President Marketing, APAC
Lyndon Morant - Marketing Director IMC
Tiffany OuYang - Design Director, APAC
Supriya Chavan - Marketing Manager
Nica Marquez - Marketing Manager CIC
Jongsuk Yi - Senior Content Strategist
Alex Rocher West - Marketing Manager
Shourav Sen - Director of Insights
Farheen Romani - Head of Insights - Innovation and Brand Experience Planning
Tiffany Tse - Marketing Executive
Jet Qiu - Senior Brand Design Manager

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