Coles launches Adshel out-of-home campaign

1 March 2016

Advertiser: Coles

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Coles has launched a digital out-of-home campaign with Adshel to promote its Coles Insurance price freeze.

Across 79 Adshel digital screens in Melbourne CBD, the seven day ‘Freeze is On’ campaign, sees an ice block slowly melt each day as the creative counts down the days left in the Coles Insurance price freeze.

The digital out-of-home campaign uses contextual relevance throughout the day aiming to capture the interest of consumers.

Between 7am-11am, the creative refers to getting a quote before your first coffee. From 11am-3pm, it encourages commuters to get a quote on while on their lunch break; and from 3pm-8pm, it refers to getting a quote in time for dinner.

Coles’ campaign planning manager Natasha Aaron says: “The ability to leverage the regular routes that commuters take daily, means that we’re able to build a sense of urgency for the final days of the campaign, and create impact by delivering a relevant message to customers at an appropriate time of day.”

Adshel’s sales and marketing director David Roddick says: “The Adshel Live digital street furniture network is continually pushing creative boundaries plus offering unique opportunities for advertisers.”

The launch of the campaign follows the announcement that Adshel will be expanding its Adshel Live network across Australia and New Zealand by 825 screens from this year.


Media agency: Universal McCann (UM) Melbourne

Creative agency: Whippet


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