Coles launches its Aussie Christmas campaign

18 November 2015

Advertiser: Coles
Creative Agency: Big Red Communications Group

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Coles has launched its Christmas campaign with a 60-second ad featuring celebrity chef and brand ambassador Curtis Stone and other “real” families cooking their favourite Christmas dishes.

The aim of the campaign is to show how family, friends and great food come together for Christmas at Coles.

There is an emphasis on the fresh Aussie produce Coles provides, with seafood, mangos and raspberries being enjoyed by the families.

This year's campaign also has a new feature to align with Coles recent environmental approach, with RSPCA Approved Turkey and Responsibly Sourced Seafood captions in the clip.

It is set to a Christmas version of the Coles Fresh song which debut earlier this year.

Woolworths and Coles have taken similar approaches this year with the use of “real” families and unscripted scenes. Both supermarkets have also used celebrity chefs who have created online recipe forums for readers.

Big Red is the creative agency behind the campaign.

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