Cbus Super's 'Making hard work pay off' via The Shannon Company

6 June 2022

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“When it comes to hard, physical jobs, Cbus Super knows better than any other fund."

Cbus Super has released Making hard work pay off  with the help of behaviour change communication specialists, The Shannon Company.

The campaign positions Cbus as the go-to fund for all hard-working men and women in physical jobs around Australia.

Making hard work pay off was born with a fundamental understanding of these industries as, for decades, Cbus Super has provided the protection and strong investment outcomes for their members to make sure they can enjoy the retirement they've well and truly earned.

The Shannon Company's creative director Stuart Nightingale, said: “When it comes to hard, physical jobs, Cbus Super knows better than any other fund, what goes into these careers and the life that comes with it."

"They understand that years of hard, physical work may mean people need to retire earlier, so Cbus are working hard to make sure their members are ready for whatever comes”

Peter Little, head of brand at Cbus, said: “This new campaign will be an important contributor to Cbus’ growth strategy in the consolidating superannuation market."

"We have leveraged our strengths to thoughtfully extend our brand and its appeal to a wider group of members who we believe we can look after better than any other fund."


Clients: Cbus

Group Executive - Brand, Engagement, Advocacy & Product: Robbie Campo

Head of Brand, Narrative and Industry Partnerships: Peter Little

Senior Brand Manager: Razia Dzananovic

Brand Manager: Emma Brophy

Brand and Acquisition Manager: Lucas Damatopoulos

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