Can a bottle of water close the gender pay gap?

30 September 2014

Creative Agency: DDB Sydney

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Can a bottle of water close the pay gap? Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) thinks that it just might help.

More than 3,000 CEOs across Australia will be sent a bottle of “Daughter Water” to build awareness on the gender pay gap and to broach conversations with CEOs who are not taking action.

The 'Equal Pay is in Your Hands' campaign, from DDB Sydney, is based around research that suggests many leaders who have taken action on gender equality have had a “light bulb” moment, which often is the result of having a daughter. To help CEO's have this moment of awareness, WGEA and DDB have created a drink that “helps conceieve a daughter” and sent it to leaders around the country.

DDB Sydney Creative Director, Jen Speirs said, “We launched the campaign by asking the question: Can a drink close the pay gap? Weirdly, we believe it just might. Research shows that when a CEO has a baby daughter, the pay gap in their company shrinks." 

“This may seem like a ridiculous product. But it's no less ridiculous than having to wait for CEOs to have a baby girl before everyone's given a fair go,” Speirs added.

As part of the campaign a content film and micro-site will also be going live today that uses publishing data to show CEOs and HR directors - as well as the public - to see where companies are on the journey to pay equality.





Director: Helen Conway

Public Affairs Executive Manager: Yolanda Beattie

Education and Innovation Executive Manager: Heidi Sundin

Communications Manager: Clare Buttner

Digital Communications Advisor: Melanie Miller

Senior Partnerships Advisor: Francesca Steele

Public Affairs Coordinator: Katie Casson

Producer: Tanja Pearl



CCO: Toby Talbot

Creative Director: Jen Speirs

Art Director: Chris Crawford

Copywriter: Kim Fraser

Senior Designer: Domenic Bartolo

Production: Brett Griffiths


Managing Partner: Kate Sheppard

Business Executive: Emily Frost

Planning Director: Jeff Malone


Head of Production: Brenden Johnson

Agency Producer: Rebecca Whitehead

Lead Editor: Tamara Haentjes

Grade: Fraser Kelton


Head of Social: Karalee Evans

Senior Insights Analyst: Brad Buzzard


TV Production:

Production Company: Sergeant Major

Executive Producer: Ashley McLeod

Production Manager: Georgia Mappin

Director of Photography: Matt Stewart

Director: David Jagoda

Sound Studio: We love Jam

Sound Engineer: Justin Spasevski


PR: Mango

Managing Director: Claire Salvetti

Senior Account Director: Tina Alldis

Senior Account Director: Lisa Poisel

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