Cadbury takes a stand against racism

17 April 2019

Advertiser: Cadbury
Creative Agency: Ogilvy (VIC)

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Cadbury is taking stand against racism and other forms of intolerance with its new campaign Symbol For All created by Ogilvy Melbourne.

Cadbury is taking stand against racism and other forms of intolerance with its new campaign Symbol For All created by Ogilvy Melbourne.

The inspiration for the symbol came as response to years of receiving hate-fuelled sentiment on the brand's Facebook page.

Cadbury's Symbol For All was created by a team of eight designers, an anthropologist and project manager from different cultural backgrounds.

It was designed to transcend all languages, cultures and faiths, and be used by any person, organisation or company to express their support for a more respectful and inclusive society.

Ogilvy Melbourne executive creative director David Ponce de Leon says when beginning the project, the team discovered there was no symbol to represent everyone.

"As more and more things set out to divide in this world, we found no better way to demonstrate the world should truly be for everyone," Ponce de Leon says.

"Our symbol is a solution, a response and a brand statement, all rolled into one."

Symbol For All was intended to released on Harmony Day via Cadbury's Facebook page but in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack was delayed as a mark of respect.

Mondelēz International director of marketing, chocolate Paul Chatfield says the brand had a duty to lead the way for change.

"As an iconic brand in Australia we have a voice and a responsibility to lead by example, which has been the impetus for the creation of this symbol," Chatfield says.

"By responding to these comments with positivity, we’re demonstrating an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and encouraging others to find the 'glass and half' in everyone. We invite anyone who wants to show their support for a diverse and inclusive Australia to join us in sharing the symbol by downloading it, customising it and sharing it on their own channels."

Cadbury consulted with a range of organisations which advocate and support diversity and inclusivity in Australia, including the Australian Multicultural Foundation and Inclusive Australia, throughout the design process.

Symbol For All is available online for anyone to download, customise and share.

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