Budget Direct's Captain Risky is back

9 May 2017

Advertiser: Budget Direct
Creative Agency: 303Lowe (NSW)

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Budget Direct and 303 MullenLowe bring back Captain Risky to push insurance.

Budget Direct has launched a new series of ads featuring a returning Captain Risky, as well as his pet bear and rabbit, to push insurance.

The spot, from 303 MullenLowe, sees Risky playing poker with his animal friends in a crammed caravan that's “not small, it's cosy”.

Captain Risky was first introduced to audiences two years ago and has since weaved his way in to the Australian vernacular as he continually over-dramatises the real-life risks Budget Direct couldn’t possibly insure.

Previously we have seen him hanging from trees, lounging in a jacuzzi full of dodgy electronic wiring and attempting skits.

Budget Direct director of marketing and digital Jonathan Kerr says: “The latest campaign continues to show the award-winning insurance Budget Direct customers can depend on, clearly in stark contrast to Captain Risky .”

“This time Risky is forced to move his pets and worldly possessions into a tiny caravan, while our customers ‘get more with Budget Direct’,” Kerr says.

The campaign, directed by Hamish Rothwell of Goodoil Films, began rolling out last weekend.

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