Bringing the balls back to hardware

20 March 2015

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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Home Timber & Hardware seeks to stand out from the pack in new ads from Cummins&Partners.

Home Timber & Hardware wants you to man up and remember that hardware stores are supposed to be about hardware, positioning itself as the “place that’s giving hardware its balls back.”

In a series of Cummins&Partners ads, men with no idea where to go next with their renovation ideas are confronted by an alternate version of themselves, more often than not sporting a beard.

It's about differentiating the brand from other hardware outfits, which try to market to a broader audience.
“Somewhere along the line, hardware has turned soft. It’s hardware, not software. We think a true hardware store should resemble one, not an extension of the hardware aisle in the supermarket,” Cummins executive creative director Ben Couzens said.
“'Putting The Hard Back In Hardware’ says that if you’re a man who likes to tackle the tough jobs in the right way, with the right gear, come to a place that’s giving hardware its balls back.”

The new campaign launches with four brand TV commercials and will be used across all brand touchpoints including catalogues, TV, radio, in-store POS and digital.

Head of Marketing - Kevin Lillie
Brand Manager - Home Timber & Hardware - Terri Cain
Brand Specialist - Home Timber & Hardware - Neena Tulaskar

Executive Creative Directors: Ben Couzens & Jim Ingram
Creative Team: Frank Trobbiani, Chris Ellis, Michael Davey, Aaron Lipson
Chief Strategy Officer - Adam Ferrier
Group Account Director - Rod Mooseek
Account Manager - Dom Counahan
Agency Producer - Naomi Nienaber

Production Company: Otto Empire
Director: Justin Reardon
Executive Producer/MD - Jo Defina
Executive Producer - Bill Doig
Line Producer – Elizabeth Rocka
Editor: Dave Whittaker
Risk Sound: Dylan Stephens


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