Bohemia reunites with to show its true colours

21 June 2018

Advertiser: News Corp.
Creative Agency: Bohemia Group

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The latest campaign by Bohemia Group mixes great ideas with simple, bold execution.

Promising a vibrant, expansive take on current affairs, this third iteration of their “The News in Colour” campaign which sees Bohemia Group working in close conjunction with the editorial team to select the stories that, according to News Digital Networks Australia managing director Julian Delany, best represent the site's “brand, tone and language to directly reflect how we talk to our audience every day”.

Investing in both television and out-of-home, the ads' spirited use of contrasting colour is intended to show how – Australia's number-one digital news source, reaching 5.6 million unique Australians (Nielsen DRM, April 2018) – delivers “the full spectrum of news”.

“It's a great vehicle to showcase the breadth of our content, pace of delivery and different angles on the news that Australian consumers enjoy and trust,” Delany said.

“Not only are we comfortable in contrasts, our consumers expect them. The colourful wit in these contrasts is the foundation to our mass appeal.”

Indeed, juxtaposing Robbie Williams' “bird flip” with the “Aussie temp dip”, or Kim Jong-un's bomb with Kim Kardashian's bum, is both entertaining and compelling to the site's audience.

“It's fun, it's fresh, it's right on brand and we think it will drive significant audience growth and engagement,” says Bohemia Group CEO Brett Dawson.

“It's a true collaboration with the editorial team and will test our limits in delivering dynamic creative across TV and outdoor.”

The News in Colour campaign will run until the end of the year across free-to-air and subscription TV. OOH will impact 300 large and small format digital sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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