Best Job winner announced via Adrenaline and GoPro

4 May 2022

Media Agency: Two Palms Media

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Josh Hickie impressed the judging panel with foil-boarding.

Adrenaline and GoPro today announced the winner of the Best Job campaign, which saw 30 Australian content creators vie for the opportunity to join the Adrenaline Crew on a 12 month creator contract worth $100,000.

The campaign was launched in March, with a shortlist of 30 creators announced earlier in April. Josh Hickie from the Sunshine Coast impressed the judging panel with a selection of creative photos and carefully crafted video edits of him and friends foil-boarding.

For the $100,000 contract, Josh Hickie will participate in and shoot 12 adventures for Adrenaline, spanning travel, skydiving, climbing, over the course of the next 12 months.

Two Palms founder and director, Ed Ringwood said: “What I love about this campaign is that it brought together two brands that celebrate adventure and share values of having people experience, celebrate and live in the moment.”

Two Palms Media brought the campaign to life through a series of lively and engaging promotional social media edits, customised for both the GoPro and Adrenaline brands.

Two Palms Media facilitated the creation of a bespoke ‘Best Job in the World’ GoPro Awards page, and in phase one of the campaign, filtered through over 1,114 entries over a 4-week period to narrow down the content for the selection of the 30 finalists.

Toni Westlake, brand manager - Adrenaline said: “We’re delighted to have worked with GoPro and Two Palms to unearth and support creative talent. Feedback from the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, and no doubt has inspired many Australians to embrace adventure.”

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