Barefruit Marketing rebrands financial services firm Korff Wealth

12 October 2020

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The rebrand came together amid the lockdown and the team being forced to work from home.

Independent creative agency Barefruit Marketing has unveiled a rebrand for Korff Wealth, a local financial services firm with global insight.

The agency received the brief to rebrand and rename former, Yellow Brick Road Wealth and Management, Northern Rivers.

“We saw this time as an opportunity to work alongside our client, strategically review the business, rebrand and position it for future growth amongst the global change,” says Barefruit Marketing co-founder and agency director Evan Harding.

Led by Barefruit’s creative lead, Alex Wales, the team worked collaboratively on the rebrand that involved a new brand name, lock up, guidelines, a new website and completely refaced both Korff Wealth offices, based in Ballina and Lismore, all the while from their home offices via Zoom and conference calls.

Wales says the decision to rename the business to Korff Wealth, was a big part of moving forward with the rebranding and showcased the new creative tone of the brand, through colour imagery and the logo.

“We utilised a gold and purple combination to create a high-end aesthetic, a colour palette that works really nicely for B2C and B2B collateral," says Wales.

"The purple and gold use is also a unique point of difference from large corporate and local financial companies in the area.

“We were set on developing a type-based logo for the brand identity, the name ‘Korff’ in Korff Wealth is Campbell Korff’s surname, who has built a well-known reputation within the finance industry both nationally and internationally.

"Whilst Korff Wealth is based in Ballina, NSW, using Korff in the brand name reinforces brand and industry recognition. The final name resulting in Korff Wealth is reinforced with a connection to finance.

“The brand typeface uses a simple Sans font to compliment a modern, and friendly aesthetic and deliberately collaborated with a traditional Sans Serif font to give it a touch of finesse and connection to an old industry. Both fonts have also been chosen to be easily used for digital and print advertising.”

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