Australian Red Cross Lifeblood presents ‘We’re The Lifeblood of Australia' via Leo Burnett

19 May 2022

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett

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Aiming to attract new blood donors by celebrating donors.

Leo Burnett has created ‘We’re The Lifeblood of Australia’, a new platform that aims to motivate people to become blood donors.

The platform intentionally shifts the focus from what people can do as individuals, to what can be done as a collective. To reframe blood donation into a community-based act that inspires and motivates more people to give blood.

Australia has half a million active donors which equates to 3.5% of the population, leaving a further 13 million Australians who could be eligible to donate, but currently don’t.

Supporting the platform is an integrated campaign that aims to attract new blood donors by celebrating donors and those they care about.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood chief marketing officer, Samantha Bartlett, said:  "Our hope is that people all around Australia see donating blood as a good habit for life – something that makes them feel good in themselves and part of a bigger tribe – as every single donation is critical to the health and wellbeing of other Australians.”

Leo Burnett senior creative, Rosie Stone, said: "We wanted to reframe the idea of giving blood from feeling like an altruistic act we could do for a stranger, to being a responsibility we all have to support the people we love in our own communities.”

The campaign is set to run nationally on broadcast television, radio, OOH and across digital.


Client: Australia Red Cross Lifeblood
Creative: Leo Burnett
Media: CHEP Network
Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Jared Daperis
Managing Director: Edward Pontifex
Executive Producer: Greg Fyson
Producer: Tom Davies
DOP: Max Walter
Production Manager: David Gannon
Offline Editor: Lucas Vasquez
Colourist: Nicke Cantarelli
Online Artist: Jamie Scott
Casting: Peta Dermatis Studio P
Sound: Sam Hopgood, Bang Bang Studios
Stills Photographer: Sean Izzard, The Pool Collective

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