Australian Ethical Investment asks the nation to support climate action

5 February 2020

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Ceative agency DO and media buying agency Benedictus helped to create An Ode to Change.

As Australia’s unprecedented bushfires are compounded by continuing policy inaction and fossil fuel promotion, Australian Ethical Investment has launched a new campaign urging all Australians to make their money matter in response to the climate emergency.

Australian Ethical has collaborated with poet and singer/songwriter Ancestress, a Birri Gubba and Gungalu Dawson River Murri, creative agency DO and media buying agency Benedictus to create An Ode to Change.

The emotive campaign covers cinema, billboards, buses, trams, podcasts and digital and encourages Australians to unite and pursue solutions to the climate crisis by investing ethically.

The time for change has already begun.

“The 2010s were a lost decade for climate action and we can’t afford a repeat," Australian Ethical chief customer officer Allyson Lowbridge says.

“We are now living through the effects of a climate emergency, but we should never underestimate the power and determination of the Australian people.

“Despite our differences, most of us are unified by one thing: we passionately want to protect the country we love – not just for ourselves, but for future generations too. One of the most impactful actions we can take is to make our money matter by investing our super and other investments ethically, in a way that moves money away from fossil fuels.”

Because this air, this water, this world – it’s all we have.

“All over the planet, we are facing the most urgent time in human history," Ancestress says.

"My people governed this continent in the most sustainable way that it has ever been governed, and we have the knowledge to do it again.

“This is why I make work about climate change, because it is a governance problem, and there are still many of my people with the solutions."

A recipient of Australia Council’s Dreaming Award and multi-disciplinary artist, Ancestress has been making work and writing about climate change for almost 10 years and comes from a cultural and politically-informed family who have helped to inform her work.

"Our people have lived sustainably for over 60,000 years, and in complete balance with each other," she says.

“What is often forgotten is that we still have access to our cultural understanding of our land and that Indigenous governance by Indigenous people should not to be undervalued.”

What if we used our money, our power for the better?

“Climate change is the biggest issue of our generation. You can’t help but see what’s happening and be concerned about the future, but the advertising industry has a responsibility to use its influence to inspire a shift in public attitudes and be part of the solution," DO creative director Tom Ormes says.

“Together with Australian Ethical, we want to create a voice for change. We want this campaign to be the spark for people to make the changes the planet needs.”

Invest today. Protect tomorrow.

With over 30 years’ experience, Australian Ethical is one of the country’s fastest growing super funds[1] as Australians increasingly realise the power of their money to create positive change.

“While there are many ways to make change happen, social movements have never been led by politicians, they have always been led by people," Lowdbridge says.

"Often just ordinary people who started doing things differently – like using their super and their money for a better tomorrow.

“Australian Ethical members have already made a powerful statement by making their money matter and now we’re urging all Australians who care about their future to join them and shape the world they want to live in.”


Poet and co-writer Ancestress
Creative agency DO. Agency
Media agency Benedictus Media 
Production Company Hello Future
Public relations Mkt. Communications

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