Art Series Hotel to rate its guests

30 March 2015

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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Review sites have given the power to the people. Now Art Series Hotel Group turns the tables with a new program allowing it to review its guests.

But it's all in good fun.

The program, Reverse Reviews, is the brain child of creative agency Cummins&Partners and will see people staying in any of the six Art Series Hotels between 17 April and 31 May opt-in to participate, for the chance to win prizes.

Their behaviour and demeanour will be scrutinised, ranked according to a point systems and then published online. Score four or five stars and you could be rewarded with complimentary stays, upgrades, food and drink.

Art Series Hotel Group marketing director Ryan Tuckerman aid the program is in response to the huge uptake of online review sites such as TripAdvisor.

"With more than 40 million reviews of hotels and restaurants on Trip Advisor alone, Reverse Reviews flips the process on its head and provides a way for us to recognise and reward good behaviour in a light-hearted way," Tuckerman said.

"We are really proud of our review results and it's no secret that hotels are incredibly competitive on these sites. We think our guest will respond in the same way."

The campaign follows research conducted by Galaxy Research and commissioned by Art Serries Hotel Group that found guests behaviour better than expected, but that petty theft, and deliberately parading naked in front of windows "is taking place under the veil of anonymity".

30% of those surveyed had participated in antisocial behaviour including walking in front of windows naked (20%) and small-scale theft (10%).

It also found that the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to be rude to hotel staff, with 76% of people with incomes of $90K or more and that the poorer you are, the less likely you are to take an item without paying.

The research also found that the perfect hotel guest is women from Perth, aged 50-plus, married with no children who don't work and with an income of $40K or more are least likely to participate in anti social behaviour.

Cummins&Partners' Adam Ferrier said: "Working with Art Series Hotel Group is always exciting. As brand marketers they are world class, always looking for avant garde ways to express their brand, whilst engaging their guests in interesting ideas.

"We believe review culture is a weird and complex emerging phenomenon and we thinking turning reviews on their head is an intriguing way to get people's attention."

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