Aldi recreates classic Cadbury gorilla ad for Easter

14 March 2016

Advertiser: Aldi

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Aldi has spoofed again, channeling Cadbury's 'gorilla' for its Easter campaign.

Aldi UK has showcased the low price of its chocolate bunnies by spoofing the iconic Cadbury ad with the drumming gorilla.

The ad, by McCann Manchester, begins with a gorilla behind a drum set. He looks as if he might start playing on the drums but becomes distracted by the two chocolate bunnies with two very different prices. He gives the drums a few bangs, but it's no Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight.

He then says, “If you like that, wait till you hear me on the piano.”

Last year Aldi spoofed the John Lewis Christmas ad 'man on the moon' with its own version showing an old man living on the moon comparing the price of telescopes.

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