Air Canada teaches travelers to Travel Like a Canadian

9 October 2019

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Canadian actor Sandra Oh stars in the campaign's first iteration.

Friendly, polite, funny, and able to say “I’m sorry” in any language. That can only describe Canadian travellers, as they are perceived to be some of the most accepted and loved travellers in the world.

While not everyone is Canadian, everyone can travel like one.

With its latest campaign Travel Like a Canadian, Air Canada is showing the world just how Canadians do it.

Accompanied by a creative tailored to resonate across the world, the new campaign from North America’s favourite airline celebrates some of the country’s unique values.

Travel Like a Canadian takes a playful look at how Canadians travel and interact with other cultures, including Australians, with the first ad featuring a cameo appearance by a group of Aussie travelers.

However, more Travel Like a Canadian stars will be unveiled through the course of the campaign, as Air Canada will team up with celebrities to help spread the message.

The first collaborator is award-winning actor Sandra Oh, one of Hollywood’s most recognizable Canadian stars and considered by many to embody the best in Canadian values.

The campaign launch video, starring Oh, is a tribute to those values and central to the story the airline is telling to celebrate its love for Canada.

“We’re excited to have created a platform for Canadians like Sandra Oh to tell the world about the values that make our country great,” says Andy Shibata, managing director of brand at Air Canada.

“The Travel Like a Canadian campaign is an opportunity to share how Canadian values like multiculturalism, openness, compassion and equality make us some of the best travelers in the world.”

In Australia and other international markets, the ad is one piece of a larger campaign positioning Air Canada as the alternative of choice to domestic airlines, and forms part of a wider strategy to add travelers to the airline’s growing global network of nearly 220 airports on six continents.

As part of that strategy, the airline aims to showcase the benefits of Sixth Freedom travel - the right to transport customers between two other countries via Canadian airports - facilitated by its expansive network, and encourage international customers to use its Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver hubs when flying abroad.

There’s more to come from the Travel Like a Canadian campaign soon, including more celebrity partnerships.

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